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artist Kudzai

Kudzai Blessing Mutasa, a Zimbabwean multi-hyphenate creative, who immigrated to the United States at the age of 4 and has since dedicated herself to sharing her talents and experiences to inspire others. Her mission is to celebrate the black female experience by inspiring women and creating inclusive beauty products as a Beauty Marketing Director.


Visual Artist

Kudzai's artistic style blurs the line between painting and relief sculpture, incorporating 3D elements into her work while on a 2D background. Classically trained by a portrait painter, she now utilizes mixed media to create detailed and engaging pieces that connect with her audience in a genuine manner. In her collection of nature-inspired scenes, Kudzai skillfully transforms ordinary materials into intricate layers that draw viewers into her paintings.



Beyond her artistry, Kudzai holds a BS. in Marketing from DePaul University and an MBA from Northwestern Kellogg and has a successful track record managing major beauty brands like ORS Olive Oil, Pleasing (Harry Styles), Combs Global (P. Diddy), Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Freeman Beauty and VO5. She has also taken on roles as a moderator at events like T.D. Jakes MegaFest, the Stellar Award Pre-show, and as a Radio Announcer Trophy Model, showcasing her versatility and presence in various fields.


Based in Chicago, she has a strong desire to share her message globally and believes that her most impactful work is yet to be created. She is dedicated to using her gifts of artistry for the betterment of humanity and actively seeks opportunities to make a positive impact through her talents.

artist Statement

I continuously strive to cultivate the diverse gifts that have been given to me by God. My purpose as an artist is to have people look beyond stereotypes that culture presents and search for solutions to everyday problems.  I create concepts and designs inspired by music, culture, worship, and my life experiences. The canvas allows me to communicate encouraging messages, educate, celebrate the beauty and allow people to re-examine limited views. My artwork is a reflection of my spiritual journey, wherein each painting I discover and reveal another part of life.


The body of work is presented, because at times it gets hard to "speak life" over my future. But, I find that when I "paint life"... I am then able to speak it and empower others to do the same." -Kudzai

vision Statement

“Using the visual arts to educate, empower and encourage others by touching their spirit and celebrating the diversity in life. To motivate and challenge others to discover, develop and utilize their natural talents and gifts in life for the betterment of humanity.”

curriculum Vitae

MBA, Northwestern Kellogg, Evanston, IL 

BS, Marketing, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

2002-2005 & 2010 - 2012
Art Scholarship, Evanston Cultural Arts Center




2010 - 2014

Semi-Finalist - National Juried Competition,

Russell Simmons Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series



60th Venice Italy Bieannale
Essence Festival New Orleans, LA

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Art on the Runway Fundraiser, Chicago, IL

Harlem Fine Art Show New York, NY

Harlem Fine Art Show

Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL
DuSable Museum, Chicago, IL

Macys Herald Square, New York, NY

National Black Fine Art Show, New York, NY 

South Side Community Art Center
Chicago Artist Month,  Chicago, IL 
Tom Joyner Cruise

Delta Gallery De'stee                     
Black History Month, Valparaiso University IN
National Urban League Conference, Chicago, IL

Christ Universal Temple, Chicago, IL

Salem Baptist Church, Chicago, IL 

Northern Trust Corporate Headquarters, Chicago, IL

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